Ennero’s Specialty Products Division specializes in sourcing niche products and commodities that drive human development, technology
and connectivity. Using our expertise in global logistics, we then find effective ways to supply these products to our customers and clients
in all corners of the globe.


As the earths population grows, the Agriculture industry’s need will grow even further. At Ennero we are driven by the need to supply the growing future needs of this industry. We source quality with the reliability to deliver for the cyclical and seasonal needs.


Mining is required to obtain materials that cannot be grown through agriculture, or created in a laboratory or factory. Ennero has created a natural synergy with our mining clients which has spawned the groups ability to package, ship and supply the products we help extract, and bring to life.


The future is driven by the need to connect humans, in rural and urban areas. Ennero understands the importance of supplying reliable and technically proven products that support the infrastructure industry and proven to have passed the test of time.


The manufacturing industry has historically been and will continue to be a driver for globalization. Being a cyclical industry, Ennero takes a long term view the raw materials supply and demand balance can present opportunities. At Ennero, we research, predict, source and fill that gap, efficiently and promptly, while maintaining the status quo for our clients.