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Ennero Group is a leading provider of energy and commodities solutions that are designed and built for the future. In today’s global economy, it is essential to have access to innovative and high-quality solutions that can meet the needs of businesses and industries worldwide. With a strong presence in both the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, Ennero is able to leverage its global network to serve markets on a global scale.

We are committed to providing responsible and sustainable solutions that address the challenges of the modern world. We believe that the future of energy and commodities lies in innovation, quality performance, and a solid commitment to responsible practices. As such, we are dedicated to supplying the future and work tirelessly to ensure that our customers have access to the latest and most effective solutions available.

Through our global network and contemporary skills, we are able to add value to regional and industrial supply challenges. Our team is passionate about connecting our customers to the modern solutions they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment.

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Ennero’s group structure is driven by five commercial groups which are strategically supported by corporate functions. Ennero’s core business is physical commodities trading and logistics solutions specializing in sourcing niche products and commodities that drive human development, technology and connectivity. When it comes to specialty products, we are driven by the need to get products from where they are plentiful to where they are needed most.

Empowering Africa through BBBEE & Corporate Social Responsibility

Ennero SA Ltd. Pty., a South African company operates locally across the groups five commercial streams. A Level 2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment contributor, Ennero SA promotes BBBEE standards across South Africa while using its local presence to serve landlocked Sub Saharan Africa by applying a trade, investment & employment strategy.

Find out more how Ennero SA is helping in Shaping the Future of South Africa through BBBEE and CSR.

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Ennero – A Leading Global Physical Commodities Trading and Logistics Solutions Provider

Fast-paced industrialization has completely transformed the dynamics of the world. The modern world needs a tremendous driving force to power the extraordinary mechanics and remarkable crescendos that may lead the ever-growing industrial domain to newer heights. We at Ennero understand this tremendous, demanding need for commodity resources that fuel the mega industries, and the huge gap for top-notch, high-quality products in the market worldwide.

At Ennero, we aspire to provide a complete and comprehensive solutions with distinguishable services, and quality products for our global clients and partners from our offices across the United Arab Emirates the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Ennero’s group structure is driven by five commercial groups which are strategically supported by corporate functions. Ennero’s core business is physical commodities trading and logistics solutions. Our experience and resources complement and enhance these activities.

At Ennero, we aim to provide a solutions for all your energy and commodity requirements under a single roof. We offer a broad range of products to major industries across the and provide our clients an access to our global network of top suppliers and manufacturers the production supply storage and transport supply chain for marine fuels, ENOC marine lubricants , fertilizers, mining & metal services.

Alongside our energy commodity products, we also provide a wide array of services that include technical, commercial, and business expertise and a platform for trading and procuring the finestoptimum quality energy products in the market.