Ennero serves markets globally by leveraging its presence in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, as a Level 2 BBBEE contributor.

Through innovation and quality performance, the world’s future commodity and energy solutions lie here. Ennero supplies the future. And we make it our mission to do that responsibly.

We deploy contemporary skills and our global network to add value to regional and industrial supply challenges. We connect our customers to modern solutions. We succeed by supplying the future.


Ennero has a presence across 3 continents serving multiple markets. Take a look at our global locations.

Ennero operates under a defined set of non-negotiable values.


Founded off of entrepreneurial spirit and years of acquired expertise, Ennero is changing the norm for how things are done across the trading and supply landscape.

Incepted in early 2017, Ennero is a trading house and logistics specialist founded in Dubai, UAE. Despite a fairly recent entrance into the industry, Ennero’s strategy was to leverage its strong leadership and an innovative slant to realize its vision of having global coverage in markets it deems healthy, secure and having potential for gradual growth.

The group decided to foster a consultancy approach which placed a willingness to prioritize its customers first rather than focus on inorganic growth. Allowing our clients to focus on their core business – whether it be shipping, mining, power generation or otherwise allowed for strategic partnerships to develop from both spectrums. As a supplier, we embrace our responsibility to recommend and present innovative solutions coming out of the commodities space so that our clients’ operations can thrive.

Our story has and will continue by expanding our global footprint which now includes regional offices in the United Kingdom and South Africa.


Commodities are at the heart of Who We Are. Find out how Ennero is positioned to do so.

Company Profile


Ennero operates under a defined set of non-negotiable values.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ennero believes that for a company to excel, it first needs to be accountable for itself, its stakeholders and the public. Ennero’s corporate citizenship seeks to maintain a positive impact on the communities and economies its operates across.

Health, Safety & Environment

Ennero takes a non-negotiable approach to its Health, Safety & Environment principles. Our commitment is underpinned by our belief that our license to operate starts by placing our clients, employees, stakeholders and environment first.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Ethics among shareholders, owners, directors and management are a necessary element for companies in the 21st century to adequately meet their objectives, to the degree that ethics are a key requisite in guaranteeing and balancing the rights and interests of all stakeholders involved: employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers and business partners and the society at large.

BBBEE & Corporate Social Responsibility:

Ennero operates under a defined set of non-negotiable values.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a Level 2 contributor, Ennero SA’s founding principles are governed by Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment requirements and metrics. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is underpinned by applying a robust governance structure while making a lasting positive impact with our social footprint. We achieve this by applying a 4-pronged strategy based on prioritizing and increasing relationships with companies, partners and employees which are BBBEE rated in some capacity.


Investments & Financing


Local Content & Procurement

Ennero SA has established itself as one of the leading Level 2 BBBEE companies in South Africa by serving the mining, industrial and agricultural space. With that comes a responsibility in identifying opportunities to better serve and give back to the communities we are present in.

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