Ennero SA delivers on its promise to service its clients with ENOC marine lubricants across all South African ports. With a focus on reliability and safety, Ennero SA utilizes its distribution hubs in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town to guarantee vessels are replenished. Take a glance into the day to day of our operations team in our warehouse located in “The Mother City” – Cape Town.

Operating out of our corporate office in Johannesburg, Ennero SA’s footprint across South Africa extends within Downstream Distribution, Marine Fuel & Lubricant supplies and Fertilizer Trading. With warehouses in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, our respective divisions leverage their strategic expertise and assets to service a variety of industries and end users. Take a glimpse into our office and the team that shapes who we are while hearing a bit from our management team.

At Ennero, we pride ourselves in delivering service excellence to our clients. We are a leading trader and supplier of petroleum products based in the UAE. We supply high quality marine fuel and lubricants across 200 ports worldwide. We also provide oil testing and analysis services for our customers to ensure optimal machinery performance. Watch this video to find out more about what we do and the team behind Ennero in Dubai.

Ennero held another very successful event in collaboration with Enoc Marine at the Dubai Autodrome. This time, Ennero’s clients from the marine lubricant industry experienced a thrilling drag race challenge. The event took place on the race track itself. This setup was the first time ever to be done at the Dubai Autodrome. Ennero organized this event to show their clients appreciation for their continuous support and loyalty to the Enoc marine lubricant brand.

(October 2022)

Ennero held their very first event in collaboration with Enoc at the Dubai Autodrome. They gathered with their esteemed marine lubricant clients to thank them for their unrivaled loyalty and support.

(APRIL 2022)

Ennero has been awarded a recognition trophee from Enoc for an outstanding marine lubricant sales achievement in May 2022.

Ennero has exceeded by 350% their marine lubricant sales achievement compared to previous months. Ennero provides marine lubricants to ships in major ports like Fujairah, Singapore, and niche ports such as Lome, Luanda, Cape Town and many others.

(MAY 2022)

Enoc has awarded a recognition certificate to Ennero for an outstanding performance in the marine lubricant sector over the past 2 years. Ennero is now the UAE local market leader and has achieved a growth in marine lubricant sales of 80% over last year.


Enoc aims to grow the sales of its marine lubricant’s portfolio to bolster its international presence in new sea ports to serve international customers in new markets.

Enoc Group appoints Ennero, a leading lubricants and fuel distributor in South Africa, to expand the Group’s international presence in the marine lubricants sector.

Ennero, will distribute a wide range of Enoc’s marine lubricants exclusively to all South African ports, including Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Richard’s Bay, in addition to Walvis Bay in Namibia, and other international marine markets.

Nearly 40 million litres of marine lubricants are transacted in South Africa annually. Through this exclusive agreement with Ennero, Enoc aims to grow the sales of its marine lubricant’s portfolio to bolster its international presence in new sea ports to serve international customers in new markets.

The latest forward curve shows Diesel being steadily backwardated in the prompt with demand strong and supply having been disrupted by Hurricanes and upcoming refinery turnarounds in Europe. This backwardation has meant that volumes in storage have been drastically reduced over the last couple of months as holders of inventory would take a hit on the roll. With current backwardation, there is little incentive to refill tanks and inventory levels will be kept low putting a damper on demand. Refinery maintenance during autumn, the onset of winter forcing greater demand for heating and the list of refineries undergoing maintenance work becoming larger have all been supportive for Diesel. Sentiment in Diesel is still bullish but spreads appeared to have stabilized somewhat. CIF Med 10ppm has been printing at low premiums to ICE Gasoil due to the steep backwardation of ICE Gas Oil futures.

What is Ennero’s core business activity?

Ennero is an oil trading firm, based out of Dubai and London. The group operates under three revenue streams: petroleum products trading, marine fuels and lubricants and downstream distribution, supplying end users such as mining, utilities and heavy industries. The principal revenue streams are supported by our advisory group which delivers price risk management services, while our renewable energy division seeks to provide alternative energy solutions to our term clients.

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